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Conduct fMRI language studies.

Provide global computation strategies for comparison across labs/methods.

Support a Research Coordinator for cross-lab coordination of this project.

Host meetings of collaborative group at the fMRI Research Center.

Assist development of global data management strategies and image exchange plan, as well as global computation strategies for image registration across labs/methods.

Educational mission: Offer internships in interdisciplinary imaging research; mentorship in Gateway Program and High School Student Science Projects.
field_member_central_equipment_value: Imaging complex including fMRI Scanner (GE neuroptimized TwinSpeed 1.5T) optimized for echoplanar imaging.

Image analysis facility in partnership with Sun Micro Systems as a Center of Excellence for image processing.

64-channel MR-compatible Neuroscan EEG, 256 Channel Neuroscan EEG.

Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS).

<a href=””>Columbia University Neurological Institute Interdisciplinary Functional Imaging Research Center</a>

This lab conducts imaging studies designed to reveal the principles of global brain organization that drive essential cognitive functions such as language, reasoning, comprehension, learning, memory, perception, sensation and action.