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Ongoing Activities

  1. The VCLA has created an international community of scholars committed to interdisciplinary and cross-linguistic collaborative research and teaching in the area of language acquisition. Tele-
    and Web-conferencing have been used from the initial stages through current times to develop planning and implementation of VCLA principles, methods and goals.
  2. Members have constructed a Virtual Linguistics Lab (VLL), which provides materials necessary for collaborative research and teaching in a cyberinfrastructure (CI) dimension. This VLL
    includes manuals of best practices for collection, transcription and analyses of language data, teaching modules involving web based interactive interfaces which guide the learning of
    various methodologies in the area, audio-visual demonstration packets and shared databases of language data.
  3. Members of the VCLA use web-conferenciang to conduct a multi-site distributed course wherein materials of the Virtual Linguistics Lab are taught to a number of distributed collaborating university sites. NSF has provided initial support for this multi-site course and the cyberinfrastructure-based materials and methods it uses through its NSF CITEAM program. The Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) of this course provides advanced methodological foundations for the Virtual Research Environment (VRE) which the VCLA is pursuing. Cornell, University of Texas/El Paso, Rutgers and MIT have participated in first application of this new multisite course structure.
  4. Members of the VCLA now are creating a new infrastructure which links research labs to University Libraries and links University Libraries to each other, in order to provide for
    calibrated storage, dissemination and access of shared digital materials and data. A Small Grant for Exploratory Research was awarded by NSF’s Science and Engineering Information
    Integration and Informatics Program allowing the previous director of Albert R. Mann Library, Janet McCue, her staff, and professor Barbara Lust to begin to explore this infrastructure. MIT
    researcher Suzanne Flynn and MIT University Librarian Theresa Tobin are exploring the cross-university link.
  5. The VCLA has organized a workshop titled “Development of Linguistic Linked Open Data (LLOD) Resources for Collaborative Data-Intensive Research in the Language Sciences,” with the support of the National Science Foundation, supplemented by the Cornell Institute for Social Sciences and the Cornell Cognitive Science Program. Co-PIs are María Blume, Barbara Lust, and Antonio Pareja Lora. The workshop will be held July 25th-26th, 2015 as part of the LSA Summer Institute at the University of Chicago. For more information about the workshop, please visit its main website here. Please find a list of related publications here.